5 Words

Answer in 5 words to our regional surveys and help us draft an action plan in a Central European context that will be presented at the TEDxDanubia Countdown event

If you’re anything like us, you love eating. But how and what we eat influences greatly what impact we make on the environment. Tap the link below and let us know which 5 habits/methods/practices could make our food consumption more sustainable in your opinion!

Which 5 practices make our food consumption more sustainable?


There are so many great solutions to sustainable power supplies - so why don’t we use them more broadly? Tap the link below and let us know what you think are the 5 biggest obstacles to switching to green power!

What are the 5 greatest obstacles to switching to green power?


When we talk about sustainability, often we only mention societal and governmental responsibilities. But what about our immediate community, our neighbourhood, and the people on our street? Tap the link below and let us know what your neighbourhood could actually do to become more livable/environmentally conscious!

What could your neighbourhood do to become more livable/environmentally conscious?


The next TEDxDanubia Countdown conference will be held on September 20th. This time, we present the everyday solutions, methods and tools used by experts, NGOs, individuals, companies and even schoolchildren to fight for a greener, more sustainable future at home and abroad.

Before the event, we will be looking for the answer to questions about food management, green energy and how we can make our immediate environment more livable - all from a Central European perspective. We are creating opinion maps on these topics with an online tool called 5-WORDS, which asks only 5 words per topic from each respondent and analyzes the words obtained using artificial intelligence.

These opinion maps will be presented at our September 20 event. Join the dialogue and answer our survey questions with 5 separate words!

Join the discussion by responding to our questions; let's find the answers together!


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