Sustainability Theme Week

Sustainability Theme Week

The main goal of Sustainability Theme Week is the environmental education of the younger generation. The development of the program was based on the fact that that our children are most receptive to attitude change and open to developing new, more sustainable habits.

For our common future and in order to protect our planet, it is vital that already as early as school age, kids understand their personal involvement in environmental processes and acquire the knowledge that enables them to protect their environment.

The initiative focuses on high school students and aims to strengthen that we are responsible for our own environment. The future of our planet – and of humanity – depends on us and our actions. The program offers teachers elaborated lesson plans, teacher training, school tenders and activities.

Every year, 350,000 students from about 1,500 schools in Hungary join the Theme Week. The highlights of 2020 are energy, climate change and health education. The main patron of the initiative is President János Áder, the main sponsor is Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation and the organizer is PontVelem Nonprofit Kft.

About Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation

The establishment of Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation was defined by an important recognition: although there have been discourses on climate change for decades and there are ongoing discussions about the potential danger to our lives, we dare not go any further. For twenty-five years we have been aware of the alarming forecasts of a darker future, international agreements however, in themselves, will not help either if countries do not adhere to them or do not drastically reduce their emissions.

The aim of Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation is to increase the sensitivity of the Hungarian society to environmental and sustainability problems, and involve local communities in solving them. Developing a sense of personal environmental responsibility and commitment to tackling climate change is vital to making a change. To this end, the Foundation strongly supports the development of multi-level education on environmental protection and climate change, the development of the society's environmental awareness, and the change of individuals' and the society's values, behaviour, producer and consumer habits and aspirations. They also support the development of new connections between society and the environment, action against the impact of climate change, local and national community adaptation programs.

How does the Foundation help fight climate change?

  1. It embraces initiatives that seek to address sustainability challenges,
  2. conducts surveys among the population,
  3. launches research and scholarship programs for university students,
  4. and supports the business vision of enterprises aimed at sustainability.

If you would like to read more about the further activities and programs of the Foundation, visit their website or follow their Facebook page

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