Anna Rodon Font Anna Rodon Font

self-managing organisations facilitator

Anna’s approach to success has been to give it a whole new meaning and reach it as part of a community. She is a translator and interpreter by education and has always been interested in bridging gaps between people. Since 2012, she has had the pleasure of doing so at Som Energia. Founded in 2010 in Girona (Catalonia), Som Energia was Spain’s first renewable energy production and consumption cooperative. It has since grown to become Europe’s largest with its 83.000 members and over 120.000 electricity contracts that are spread all over mainland Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands.Their vision is to drive a social and energy movement that fosters 100% renewable energy consumption. Som Energia continues to knit together a growing community that is diverse, transformative, innovative and in constant review and evolution.

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