Dr. Parádi István Dr. Parádi István

plant and soil biologist, university lecturer

István graduated in Biology at ELTE. He has been researching and teaching plant biology for 25 years and is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Plant Physiology and Molecular Plant Biology at ELTE TTK. He spent several years in research institutions abroad (Netherlands, Switzerland, France). His main interests are plant-microbe symbioses and plant stress biology. He is one of the co-founders of ExperiPlant Ltd., which aims to combine research expertise and rigorous scientific approach with agricultural practice, in particular in the development of sustainable and bio-based solutions. In addition to his research and academic work, he also attaches great importance to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and is therefore a regular figure in the media. As a specialist and a father of three, he believes that by changing attitudes and paradigms, together we can indeed create security for future generations.

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